06 Jan 2014
January 6, 2014

Winter Newsletter 2014

Things have been busy at TotalSim so we thought we should update you on all the bits we’ve been working on and give you a round up of some of the highlights from the last quarter.

Happy New YearHNY

But first, TotalSim would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2014.  Let’s hope the pickup we noticed during the second half of 2013 continues into 2014.

Highlights from the last 3 months:

Moving Mesh

Flow simulation around a wind turbine using CFD

Wind turbine analysis using CFD

Our moving mesh capabilities have been pushing forward in the last few weeks and have been used in a number of consultancy projects towards the end of 2013.  They ranged from marine applications to cycling studies.  We can now move geometry through a wide range of motions, utilising sliding,deforming and rotating meshes. More technical details will be announced in the near future as we try to build a robust workflow.

This allows objects to be modelled and moved in a CFD environment in a truely transient manner, rather than using steady state or averaged approximations, allowing us to get closer to the real physics of certain applications.

If you want to know more about utilising moving mesh within OpenFOAM®** then please contact the support team via support@totalsim.co.uk.

Motorsport Mini-site

If you missed the announcement at the end of last year, TotalSim have recently launched a minisite for our motorsport clients.  This is intended to provided easier access to the services that TotalSim can offer.

We are also working on Marine and Automotive mini-sites, which we hope will go live later this year together with a Japanese language site.

3D scanning of a motorcyle

3D scanning of a motorcyle


TotalSim also launched their scanning services.  We now have two scanners, capable of scanning nearly all applications, large or small.

Since its launch this service has been in high demand and from a surprisingly large range of applications. The process is very quick and is even capable of picking up surface textures.

Whats next?

We are continuing the development towards releasing our latest codes based around  OpenFOAM 2.2.1.   We are still on target to releasing that towards the end of the month.

F3 CFD simulations showing streamlines and near wall velocity

HD Postpro of our F3 Test Case

Incorporated into that release will be HD postpro.  That has now been tested and is being used in all our new CFD consultancy projects.

Communal Development

Once the new codes have been released we will turn our attention to the communal development work for 2014. Those of you that are support customers will get the opportunity to vote on which projects you would like us to work on.

As a reminder, some of the things we developed for the group last year included:

  • Feature edge mesh refinement
  • Additional postpro functionality
  • Extended case check tools (Both pre and post checks now exist)
  • Unsteady solver speed ups

The two items still in development are the sliding mesh solver and ‘mesh bridging’, which are both still a work in progress.

If you have any CFD development requests then please put them forward and if there is enough demand we can include them in our development work for 2014.

TotalSim News


To help us keep up with demand and allow us to better meet your requirements,  we are continuing our recruitment drive into 2014.  We are looking for engineers to join the team.

If you know of anyone that may be interested then please ask them to get in contact or visit the recruitment pages. All applicants must be self motivated and team players, with the desire to help TotalSim to continue to expand and excel.


Other bits…

TotalSim launch their latest CFD hardware solution.

TotalSim launch their latest CFD hardware solution.

Total Sim is now Hiring

TotalSim are recruiting







If you want to know any more about any of the items featured in this edition of the newsletter or find out more about our CFD support services then please get in contact and we will be happy to help – info@totalsim.co.uk
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**OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® are registered trade marks of ESI.

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