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08 Mar 2022
March 8, 2022

TotalSim set to restructure

TotalSim set to restructure through formation of new companies within the group to enable expansion.

  • TotalSim is an independent limited company established in 2007.
  • Once completed, TotalSim will become the parent company of Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub (SSEH), Vorteq Sports, Bramble, Catesby Projects and TotalSim CFD.
  • TotalSim will continue to be led by Managing Director Dr Rob Lewis.


Over the past 15 years TotalSim has developed a diverse and varied client base, served through an equally diverse directory of services.  To enable the continued growth the company is being restructured into multiple smaller companies.  We hope that operating as smaller business units will keep us flexible, dynamic and customer focussed. 

TotalSim will also continue to be the largest shareholder in Aero Research Partners and Catesby Tunnel.


Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub

SSEH provides independent, private and affordable R&D experience to the sports engineering community. Additionally, SSEH offers a range of wind tunnels, test rigs, offices and workshops. The goal of the hub is to provide an environment and the tools to facilitate innovation and product development related to sport.

Vorteq Sports

Vorteq’s mission is to create the best possible sporting equipment on the planet, with no compromises to performance. Vorteq is TotalSim’s first venture into the consumer market, allowing the world’s best equipment to be made available to the public for the first time. As well as creating performance products, Vorteq also offer human performance sessions and R&D projects.

Bramble CFD

Bramble is a revolutionary CFD platform that enables you to run your whole CFD process, from creating simulations to delivering reports, from any web-enabled device. Whether you are an experienced CFD Engineer with an established process or just starting out with simulation, Bramble can work for you.

Catesby Tunnel

Catesby Tunnel is set to become the worldwide benchmark for vehicle testing, capable of providing accurate and affordable full scale aerodynamic and performance data. The 2740m long renovated railway tunnel has a constant gradient of just 1:176 making it perfect for repeatable testing.

Catesby Projects

Catesby Projects unifies high performance engineering and aerodynamics with a passion for design. It’s engineers and designers have worked behind the scenes to deliver world class aerodynamic and engineering solutions to major automotive OEMs, world championship winning race teams and Olympic champions. Catesby Projects is also an official worldwide reseller of Catesby Tunnel.

TotalSim CFD

TotalSim CFD is the new name for the part of the business that will carry out the bulk of what TotalSim have always done – simulating real world fluid flow problems using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The experience and expertise that made TotalSim leaders in the world of aerodynamics and CFD will remain with TotalSim CFD as it continues to provide fast turnarounds, reduced development costs and accurate results.