27 Mar 2018
March 27, 2018

The missing link

 Our customers are often faced with the tricky decision as to whether they should pay a consultancy to do their Aerodynamic development or whether to take the plunge and do it in-house.

TotalSim can help with both of these routes, but perhaps one of the most popular options for our customers is somewhere in the middle, where TotalSim can work seamlessly with our customers to help provide more value for money.

The more we communicate with our customers, the better the results and this usually means a happier customer!

One of the latest tools in our armoury to enable the customer to be kept in the loop is Bramble

Live force table with direct access to the post-processing images and movies.

Live force table with direct access to the post-processing images and movies.

This allows our customers to be kept up to speed with everything we are doing from any web browser.  Our development path is shown live to the customer allowing them to see when new runs are queued up and the results, with access to all the forces and post-processing our engineers are using to make decisions.

This has been a huge step forward in building trust with our customers and helps us to show the added value of using TotalSim rather than an in-house team.  The customer can interrogate the results whenever and as much as they want.

Many of our customers do not have the capacity or desire to run a full time aero department, but with access to the results as if they were being created internally, there is little benefit to hiring people and buying computational resource.  The aero/CFD department can be turned on and off as need be, which for many teams and OEMs this helps control costs.

Bramble's assembly builder allows you to upload geometry to simulate via the browser.

Bramble’s assembly builder allows you to upload geometry to simulate via the browser.

Some of our customers also chose to setup and run their own simulations via Bramble. The framework is in place for customers to submit their own geometries and pay per run or on a subscription basis.  

Bramble allows TotalSim to bridge the gap between CFD consultancy and in-house departments.  Perhaps most importantly it allows our customers to choose (and change their mind) as to how much they want to do and how much they use external resource.

To arrange a demo of Bramble please get in touch via info@bramblecfd.com

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08 Mar 2022
March 8, 2022

TotalSim set to restructure

TotalSim set to restructure through formation of new companies within the group to enable expansion. TotalSim is an independent limited company established in 2007. Once completed, TotalSim will become the parent company of Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub (SSEH), Vorteq Sports, Bramble, Catesby Projects and TotalSim CFD. TotalSim will continue to be led by Managing Director.. read more →

21 Apr 2021
April 21, 2021

Bramble Website Goes Live

We’re pleased to announce that our dedicated website for bramble has gone live.  Please click here to visit and discover how bramble can enable you to do more simulation, more analysis, with less effort. read more →

15 Nov 2020
November 15, 2020

Grant Boost for Bramble

TotalSim along with project partners Electrical Cooling Solutions and Ariel Motors are pleased to announce that they have commenced a £300,000 project funded by OLEV through the Niche Vehicle Network.  This project aims to enable aerodynamic and electric motor thermal simulations among the UK’s niche vehicle manufacturers. Enabling Simulation TotalSim will be deploying their CFD.. read more →

TotalSim are pleased to announce that early in 2019 we will be launching a state-of-the-art sports engineering facility at Silverstone Park. http://silverstonesportshub.co.uk/ Building on our experience and success in sports engineering over the last 11 years, the 26,000 sq ft engineering hub will comprise two wind tunnels: one for cycling, and other sports such as.. read more →

TotalSim are pleased to be sponsoring Stage 2 of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour when it arrives in Northamptonshire on Thursday 14th June. The Northamptonshire stage will start in Rushden and finish in Daventry, with cyclists racing 145km across the county. Riders will pass through the historic market town of Daventry twice during this stage.. read more →