21 Jul 2015
July 21, 2015

Team Building 2015


This year’s team building event saw TotalSim embark on a river adventure, close to home in rural Northamptonshire. With new additions and soon to be returning faces, the timing of the event was perfect to allow the team to integrate and form a greater cohesion.

We arrived in Irthlingborough at 1pm on July 17th, with the added bonus of a half day at the office.  After a small safety briefing, we were let loose with our partners, venturing into the unknown along the River Nene in canoes. It should be noted that some canoes were travelling in significantly straighter lines than others!

The team arrived at the first stop with each member in varying degrees of wetness, thanks to playful splashing from some and unexpected journeys under the water from others. Here we were split into two teams and presented with the challenge of building a bridge. This should have been easy right? This is an engineering company after all. However, about 45 minutes later we had just about constructed our bridges, they were deemed safe to use and we battled it out to see who would be the first team to complete the task of getting water from one side of the bridge to the other with a leaky cup!

We then set off on our way to the final stop of the day, where we would be transported to our campsite for the night. Soon after arriving, the BBQ was lit and a spot of Softball was enjoyed as we eagerly awaited the food we had all paddled so hard for. After dinner, a few light hearted games were played, before we relaxed and talked around the campfire before retiring for the night to our bell tents.

The following day presented an early rise, a full English breakfast and more canoeing. After a final two hour stint in the canoes we arrived at our lunch time destination. Here we enjoyed a lovely meal together to end what had been another highly successful team building experience for TotalSim.

Here’s to next year!

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