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11 Oct 2016
October 11, 2016

Support Update

We would like to thank all of our support customers for the continued feedback and input into our CFD process; this plays a major role in helping us direct our efforts and make sure we’re working to develop the tools and functionality that’s most useful for our customers.

We encourage anyone to get in touch to discuss any aspect of the CFD process or future developments you’d like to see.

Recently we’ve been conducting a more in depth study into the applications of Synthetic Eddy Modelling (SEM) and better predicting ‘real world turbulence’. Working closely with one of our customers, we’ve been developing settings within the SEM model to replicate the turbulence conditions measured in physical testing. Ultimately we aim to answer if these conditions would lead to different design decisions than would be taken with a more common CFD approach. The correlation between the SEM CFD model and physical testing is looking very good, we hope to update you with more information in the next newsletter.


Thermal modelling has also seen a lot of interest recently and we’ve now added the functionality to use thermal baffle regions within full CHT models.

More work has gone into testing the robustness and practicality of range of solution settings and process changes which have been shown to reduce solve times. We hope to roll these out to the wider support base in the near future.

If you would be interested in finding out more about our support contracts, contact us on support@totalsim.co.uk


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