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A works Pilbeam MP98-Cosworth, developed with the help of TotalSim and run by Ecurie Zoo, won the inaugural African Six-Hour Endurance Race held at Phakisa International Raceway in the mining centre of Welkom, South Africa on 23 February 2013.
Driven by brothers Graham and Duncan Vos, the Pilbeam won by ten laps in a 30-strong field from the second place Juno, despite losing six laps early on to fix the rear wing which had worked loose.

The winning Pilbeam, which set pole position for the race, covered 191 laps (810kms), also setting the fastest lap speed of 146.60km/h (1:44,119) along the way.

Tony Martin, a previous winner of the Daytona 24-hour who participated in the six-hour in a Backdraft Cobra, observed: ‘That Pilbeam is an amazing little car, fast and faultless.’

Ecurie Zoo team manager Mike Ward, himself a racer of thirty years’ experience, confirmed: ‘I have never run a car so fast, reliable and fuss-free, the Pilbeam managing the whole six hours on just one set of tyres. This was a real team effort in a superbly-run event.’

These results are important stepping stones for the Ecurie Zoo-Pilbeam initiative to reach Le Mans with an African LMP2 team in 2014.

Pilbeam wins!


We lookforward to continue working with Pilbeam Racing Designs in the future.  Congratulations to Pilbeam Racing!

Pilbeam Racing

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