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There’s no denying that OpenFOAM is revolutionising the CFD industry, providing CFD capabilities to a user base of now thousands of specialist engineers across a huge range of applications and industries. It’s the world’s most widely used general-purpose open source CFD software package – and for good reason.

Indeed, our own CFD offering is built upon the OpenFOAM and Paraview tolsets; it’s cost-effective and regularly updated with an extensive range of features to solve all kinds of complex fluid flows. With the right level of skill, there is also endless flexibility to develop bespoke functionality through additional coding.

For those looking to develop an in-house branch of their CFD development, TotalSim can provide a complete, bespoke support service to help customers improve their skills and tap into all that OpenFOAM has to offer.  Contacts do not involve any licence fees or restrictions on the number of cores, instead they are based upon a number of  hours that can be used for answering questions, developing working processes or bespoke tools, on or offsite training or auditing.   Support contracts start from £8,925 for 12 months support.  Within this price is access to our methodology and support engineers to ensure we can find a process that is suited and tailored to your requirements.

Olesinski, a world-leading designer of luxury motor yachts and sOlesinskiuper yachts, turned to TotalSim after a commercial CFD code, and the support it came with, failed to meet expectations. Through a combination of the right support contract and the potential for improved correlation with physical test data at the right cost, TotalSim provided the solution Olesinski was looking for.

“…TotalSim provides us with the support and flexibility required to improve the correlation between the results the software gives us and our validation cases.”               Bill Edwards, Bernard Olesinski Ltd

There is an increasing demand from our automotive and OEM clients,  for a bespoke and tailored solution, not just access to a code.  With code development, the solution we provide can truly be optimised for specific customer requirements, maximising their efficiency and throughput.  Training and phone support can also be backed up with consultancy from TotalSim as and when required to meet tight deadlines.

So, whether you’re a seasoned CFD professional looking to bring OpenFOAM expertise in-house, or simply seeking some guidance on how best to introduce CFD to your organisation, speak to a member of our team for help.

Contact us on +44 (0)1280 840316 or email us at info@totalsim.co.uk

The OpenFOAM® related services offered by TotalSim are not approved or endorsed by either the OpenFOAM Foundation (producer and distributor of OpenFOAM), or ESI (owner of the OPENFOAM® trademark).


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