Aerodynamic Performance Prediction using CFD

Motorsport Aerodynamics

TotalSim has the ability to test your vehicle at any speed, yaw, ride height, steer and roll to produce a range of results for a realistic analysis of your car or bike.

TotalSim can act as a virtual wind tunnel, substantially reducing your development costs.

We can test changes for as little as £100 and have the resources to test several hundred modifications in a single week.

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CFD modelling of the Prodrive MINI WRC car by TotalSim.

Why use CFD?

  • CFD is often refereed to as a virtual wind tunnel, but yet it can provide so much more information than a wind tunnel at a fraction of the cost.
  • CFD can recreate true track conditions, such as cornering and braking attitudes.
  • CFD is repeatable, removing nearly all of the ‘noise’ that plagues full scale testing.
  • Using CFD to test your model will be cheaper and faster than testing in a windtunnel.


The highly efficient CFD process, developed by TotalSim, means full car simulation from CAD to first solution can generally be completed in less than a week.

Once that baseline has been generated we can turn around hundreds of simulations per week.

CFD gets rid of the need to make components every time you want to test a new part.

If you want more that just performance prediction then maybe TotalSim can help with a more advanced service, where TotalSim can help lead the aerodynamic development of your car.


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