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Motorsport 3D Scanning

TotalSim have recently added 3D scanning to their list of products and services. TotalSim can now help you with all your scanning requirements. For a long time TotalSim outsourced their 3D scanning, but decided to take it in-house to better satisfy their customers’ needs, providing an efficient and cost effective service.

Whether you need 3D scanning for quality control or to reverse engineer and existing design – TotalSim can help.

3D Scanning of a motorcycle ready for analysis via CFD.

3D Scanning of a motorcycle ready for analysis via CFD.

TotalSim can help with a wide range of scanning applications:

  • Automotive and Motorsport
  • Sporting applications
  • Quality control

Scanning can cost as little as a £100 depending upon location and complexity.

If you want to know what exactly what you already have then scanning maybe the answer.

3D Scanning Technical Specifications

TotalSim have two scanners, the Artec Eva™ and the Artec Spider™. Both are capable of scanning multiple times a second at sub millimeter resolution. The Artec Eva™ has a field of view of up to 563mm by 371mm allowing it to scan large objects with ease.

One of the 3d scanners used by TotalSim is the Artec Eva ™

One of the 3d scanners used by TotalSim is the Artec Eva ™

The Artec Spider™ has a smaller field of view but is capable of scanning up to 7.5 times a second with a 3D resolution of 0.1mm and 3D point accuracy of 0.03mm.

The scanners also capture texture, allowing us to generate visually outstanding CFD movies with all the colours of the real object.


To see how quickly 3D scanning can be carried out and processed, please watch the short video at the bottom of the pages, that goes through the entire scanning process.

Scanning for CFD

TotalSim are experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD is at the core of our business. If you require scanning for CFD then there is nobody better suited as we know the level of detail required and so can capture your geometry accurately and efficiently.

We can help you capture and understand your design, before helping you improve it.

We can take geometry straight from the scanner, helping reduce your geometry capture and CFD costs significantly.

From 3D scan straight into CFD

From 3D scan straight into CFD


To find out more about how TotalSim could help with your scanning needs please contact us.

The video below demonstrates the process used by TotalSim to capture your geometries. Depending upon the size and complexity of your object/s we will choose the right scanner for the job, ensuring an efficient accurate capture.

Email – scanning@totalsim.co.uk | Telephone +44 1280 840 316