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Marine Optimisation

Optimisation can be an extremely powerful tool in improving the efficiency and performance in marine applications.  It can be applied in a huge range of applications and driving towards varying performance goals, from improving efficiency, maximising speed or minimising cavitation, the possibilities are endless.

Some typical applications include:

  • Hull shapes and bulbs
  • Submerged appendages
  • Sail shapes, trims and layouts
  • Mast shapes
  • Propeller design


By analysing the geometry and performance with CFD techniques, areas for potential optimisation can be highlighted. Geometries can then be morphed and analysed through changes in conditions to ensure robust designs.  Through this process it is possible to optimise the geometries and designs before manufacturing and therefore reducing costs.

Further details of the software package Sculptor®, which forms the backbone to most optimisation done at TotalSim, can be found here.


Optimisation of a large hull to reduce resistance.

It is possible to deform geometry using a combination of parameters and then perform a trade-off depending on the performance requirements to choose the optimum geometry.

For more details on how TotalSim can help you with optimisation of you vessel or product please email info@totalsim.co.uk or call +44 1280 840 316