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Marine Aerodynamics

TotalSim can perform aerodynamic simulations of any external surface of a marine vessel or structure. This could be a simulation of a yacht or dingy mainsail with or without a head sail, the deck of a motor yacht or the deck and other external surfaces of a large commercial cargo ship.

 TotalSim can provide aerodynamic analysis on structures of all shapes and sizes.  Our background in Formula 1 gives us vast experience in aerodynamic understanding and development.


Offwind unsteady aerodynamic analysis of flow around a yacht.

Sailing boats can be modelled in a variety of sailing conditions, including: different true and apparent wind angles, varying sea states and different atmospheric boundary layer and twist profiles. The application of CFD for predicting the aerodynamic performance of sails can be used for any type of vessel including; leisure yachts, racing yachts, dinghies and catamarans.

For racing applications, CFD can be used to assess the aerodynamic performance of different foresails for different wind conditions as well as spinnakers.

TotalSim have a boatManager tool which allows for the automated rapid setup of a vessel in different sailing conditions.  When this is combined with our automated post processing tools we can test huge numbers of geometry changes in a short period of time.

CFD can also be used to predict the airflow over deck surfaces of other types of vessel and offshore platforms. Example applications include the flow over a container ship or tanker deck or assessing the flow around a motor yacht and passenger deck area to determine the environmental conditions experienced.

CFD analsysis of flow around a yacht and bridge deck.

CFD analysis of flow around a yacht and fly bridge.

This type of analysis does not have to be carried out in isolation from hydrodynamic performance.  TotalSim can model the effect concurrently within a single simulation or separately.

For more details on how TotalSim can help you with aerodynamic analysis please email info@totalsim.co.uk or call +44 1280 840 316