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Lap Simulation

TotalSim have recently entered into a partnership with D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. to give ourself lap simulation capabilities.  RaceSim is a leading lap simulation package providing accurate lap-time prediction for all vehicles.  RaceSim users include race and championship winning manufacturers and teams from nearly all forms of Motorsport; From F1 to WRC.

As a result TotalSim can now help you set better aero targets, for aero development projects or as part of mapping studies to get the best from your car.

This allows TotalSim to make better aerodynamic decisions when the development route is not obvious.  For example; a new geometry change adds 100N of Downforce but adds 30N of Drag.

Is that a lap time reduction, lap time increase or is it lap time neutral?

Now with the help of RaceSim we can accurately predict the performance of a geometry change and reduce our dependency upon experience.

In addition to helping us with our aerodynamic development packages we can also help you with setup.  With a combination of our advanced mapping capabilities and RaceSim, TotalSim can help you maximise the performance of your vehicle like never before.

Combining Lap Simulation and Aerodynamic Mapping

6 Parameter aerodynamic maps can be fed into Race Sim.  Our maps can contain complex paramaters, such as:

Lap simulation using RaceSim

Lap simulation using RaceSim

  • Front and rear ride height
  • Roll and steer
  • Front and rear flap angles
  • Yaw or corner curvature

When these are combined we can help you get the most out of your cars.  Even with one design series, this approach can give huge dividends.  Many of these parameters cannot be accurately calculated in the wind tunnel or in full scale testing. Using CFD allows you to instantly alter attitudes, testing conditions and speeds.

To find out more about our Lap Simulation services and how they could benefit you then please contact us.

Email – info@totalsim.co.uk | Telephone +44 1280 840 316