As mentioned in Part 1 TotalSim were recently asked to scan a John Player Norton replica motorcycle that was ridden by Peter Williams to win the Formula 750 TT in 1973.

TotalSim scanned the bike and rider in situ at our workshop in Brackley. We used our Artec EVA 3D Scanner capable of sub mm resolution!


Once the rider was in position the scan took around 10 mins to complete per riding position. After subsequently scanning the JPN replica motorbike, the scans were processed into a watertight model ready for CFD.


The Artec EVA scanner also captures the ‘textures’ (surface colours) during the scanning process which can be mapped onto the CFD model later when producing images of the results. The two images below show these textures on the scanned geometry in a rendered view of the bike and rider.


For more information on 3D scanning please don’t hesitate to get in contact at


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