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TotalSim are presenting two papers at this years International Conference on Vehicle Aerodynamics: Aerodynamics by Design.

Wednesday 21st September and Thursday 22nd September at Coventry Transport Museum.

More details about the Museum, and its recent refurbishment can be found at: http://www.transport-museum.com/

Conference Details

The theme for 2016 is “Aerodynamics By Design” and, although open to interpretation,  authors of prospective papers were invited to consider the importance of aerodynamic research and development in the very beginning of new-vehicle development programmes and its early contribution to design. One important change in perception we need to make in the industry is that the days of “make it aerodynamic but don’t change the shape” are long gone.

A key idea of the conference is to be more inclusive of Designers, for they have much more influence over aerodynamic characteristics than many realise, as you will hear in one of the presentations. Thus when it comes to reducing drag to satisfy emission regulations, shaping for aeroacoustics and so many other key attributes, the early work between designers and aerodynamicists is critical.

Keynote Speakers:

Internationally renowned design expert Peter Stevens will be delivering the keynote speech. Peter’s wealth of experience in styling and aerodynamics (being just at home in the wind tunnel as the styling studio) makes him the ideal person to get the conference underway under the theme of “Aerodynamics by Design”. You will no doubt be familiar with much of Peter’s work already, including the McLaren F1 and Le Mans-winning BMW V12 LMR.

On Day 2 there will be a fantastic opportunity to hear Peter Wright talk about how Team Lotus managed to succeed in applying Bernouill’s principle to underbody flows on racing cars as we celebrate 40 Years of Ground Effect. Peter was recently included in “Autosport” magazine’s all-time list of 50 people who changed motorsport.

There are several technical paper presentations scheduled over the two days, the full programme can be found here events.imeche.org/viewevent?e=6236

Rob Lewis, Managing Director of TotalSim will be presenting Flow structure around an accelerating and decelerating vehicle.

Ivor Annetts, Project Team Leader at TotalSim will be presenting The Design of Systematic Add-On Configuration Changes for the DrivAer Body and their Aerodynamic Characteristics

On Day 2 Rob will also be chairing a panel session entitled Motor Racing Aerodynamics alongside Robert Dominy (Durham University).

Finally John Iley will be taking part in a panel to discuss the tools, processes and innovation within aerodynamics concept planning, design, development and testing that is a necessity within the highly competitive world of motor racing. The discussion is intended to be built around questions and comments submitted by delegates.

The panel for this session will comprise: Peter Wright – FIA Consultant, Peter Stevens – Peter Stevens Design, John Iley – Iley Design, Dr. Mark Handford – Multimatic, David Lapworth – Prodrive, Mike Brown – McLaren F1

Full details of the conference at: events.imeche.org/viewevent?e=6236




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