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Hydrodynamic Resistance Prediction

TotalSim can test your vessel in all operating conditions.  Giving accurate hydrodynamic resistance predictions without the need for tank testing.

TotalSim can test your vessel through changes in sailing conditions (sink, trim, leeway), speeds and sea conditions to provide a detailed prediction of the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forces on a hull.

TotalSim can provide fixed or multiple degrees of freedom analysis depending upon your requirements.


Hydrodynamic simulation of a tanker hull

With the help of CFD, TotalSim can analyse, understand and improve the flow around any hull and submerged appendages such as the keel, rudder or daggerboard.

Simulations can be tailored to the needs of the customer and provide a detailed analysis of your marine vessel including resistance forces (pressure and viscous), moments and detailed flow visualisaton (wetting surface areas, wave profiles etc.).


Simulation of a planing hull


Simulations can be solely based on hydrodynamic forces but can also include aerodynamic forces on the hull, sails and other external surfaces thus enabling a complete simulation of a marine vessel , see Marine Aerodynamics. This allows TotalSim to provide a wide range of resistance predictions for a variety of marine solutions.


Yacht in waves modelled in CFD by TotalSim

Analysis of a yacht in waves.

As well as calm water simulations a variety of different sea conditions can be simulated using different wave directions and amplitudes to enable analysis of the response of a hull to a range of situations, ensuring designs are robust through a wide range of conditions.

 For more details on how TotalSim can help you with your marine simulation requirements please email info@totalsim.co.uk or call +44 1280 840 316