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Through DETC’s collaborative research and development funding, DETC2 competition winners  TotalSim Ltd and Axillium Research have launched a new project called ESIM to produce a PAAS (Platform As A Service) software, which is defined, regulated and driven by OEMs. This software will enable SME manufacturers in the automotive sector to utilise simulations in their supply chain, something they currently do not undertake due to barriers of cost and complexity.

The project has received a grant of £86,180 towards a total project cost of £216,714.

By enabling simulation in the supply chain, the project will create a step change in product development processes; it will drive innovation, improve product quality, reduce development times and cost, and increase profit margins. The benefits of using simulation throughout the product design process have been widely recognized. [Aberdeen Group, June 2010, Impact of Strategic Simulation on Product Profitability.

Here at TotalSim we have been developing a toolset called Bramble for managing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations in the cloud. Bramble is a framework that allows non-CFD experts to upload CAD (Computer Aided Design), run simulations and view flow metrics and visualisations. For the ESIM project, TotalSim will create four applications using the Bramble platform for partner SMEs helping them to unlock the power of simulation

Axillium Research is a UK innovation, insight and investment consultancy focusing on Automotive, Aerospace and Defence sectors’ Research & Development. Axillium’s unique knowledge of and relationship with industry, academia and government, along with their ability to connect partners and find new approaches, enables them to build relationships, crossing technology barriers and setting the scene for successful delivery.

Helen Corney, Director, Axillium, said “We are excited to be a partner in the ESIM project and add Axillium’s expertise and insight to the product. Enabling SME manufacturers in the UK to start utilising the simulations throughout their supply chain is rewarding, and it will benefit the UK manufacturing industry. In future the Bramble platform has the potential to be marketed abroad and to become the industry standard tool for automotive Computer Aided Engineering applications.”

More details on Axillium www.axillium.com

The ESIM project runs until February 2019. The four applications are being created over this time, one every three months from April 2018.

If you would like more details on the project or to find out how the Bramble platform could help your business then get in touch at info@totalsim.co.uk or 01280 840316

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