• Driving Technological Change held in the 'Drivers Lounge' @ Silverstone.

  • TotalSim's MD Rob Lewis as a guest speaker.

  • Rob answering questions as part of a panel.

  • Jon and Rob with Julia from the NEP.

Last week TotalSim exhibited at the ‘Driving Technological Change’ event, held at Silverstone and organised by the Northamptionshire Enterprise Partnership and 5 other LEPs.

TotalSim were also privileged to be asked to speak at one of the seminars.  TotalSim’s MD, Rob Lewis,  gave a presentation followed by taking questions as part of the panel.  Some really interested debate and questions keeping all the speakers on their toes!

It was a great event aimed at promoting motorsport technology outside of the world of motorsport. TotalSim were showcasing their cutting edge Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Aerodynamics Services through a wide range of applications, proving that the overlap between motorsport and other industries is already significant.

Each year proportionately less and less of our business is made up of motorsport applications, not as a result of reduced spending in motorsport but because of the growth into other sectors, which are embracing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

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