Customer Feedback

Below is some customer feedback and  quotes from our happy customers:


Victoria Pendleton, Olympic and World Champion Track Cyclist

“TotalSim helped us stay at the front of the field”



Ben Bowlby, Delta Wing Originator

“TotalSim provided an outstanding CFD service that correlated closely to the track”



Dr Scott Drawer, Head of Research & Innovation, UK Sport.

“Totalsim have consistently proven to be one of the most creative and innovative organisations we have a partnership with.”

Willem Toet, Head of Aerodynamics at the Sauber F1 Team

“I was looking for a cost effective solution with fast turnaround times, so I turned to TotalSim.  I’m really glad I did!”

Chris Boardman, Head of Research and Development British Cycling

“TotalSim consistently provided innovative ideas”

Sandy Wright, Wolfson Unit.

“TotalSim have time and again provided the Wolfson Unit with accurate and instructive computational models of real engineering problems”