Catesby Tunnel

The Catesby Tunnel is set to become the worlds premier full scale vehicle testing facility.

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Aero Research Partners Located in the Northamptonshire countryside, the project has been developed by Aero Research Partners of which TotalSim are one of the two partners involved.

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Catesby Tunnel


The tunnel is 2740m long with a huge 40m2 working section.  The tunnel is perfectly straight with a gentle 1:176 constant incline.

The Catesby Tunnel allows for full scale vehicle testing in constant conditions due to the naturally stabilised environment generated from being underground.  The tunnel is fitted with automated turntables at either end to allow for return testing.

Repeatable, accurate, efficient and accessible.

The tunnel is suitable for both automotive and motorsport applications and capable of testing:

  • Vehicle Performance
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics (drag and downforce/lift)
  • Noise
  • Soiling
  • Cooling performance

“The repeatability, accuracy and year round availability make it an ideal method of validation/bench marking to compliment the other aerodynamic tools. The lack of noise and level of realism are a step above the alternatives.” David Lapworth – Technical Director Prodrive

Catesby Tunnel is a worldwide benchmark for aerodynamic testing, capable of providing accurate and affordable full scale aerodynamic performance data. The facility was officially opened in Decemeber 2021. ARP have secured a long term lease for the tunnel and bought the land, including the approach cuttings.Catesby Tunnel Science Park

In addition to the Tunnel a science park is planned, which can become a worldwide centre for aerodynamics and vehicle development.

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