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10 Dec 2014
December 10, 2014

Merry Christmas from TotalSim

Merry Christmas from TotalSim!

We have taken the festive season as an opportunity to demonstrate a new version of snappySetup that we have been working on for our support customers and we have chosen Santa and his reindeer, Rudolph and Blitzen, to show off the latest version. For those of you that down know, snappySetup is one of TotalSim’s pre-processing tools used to help automate the meshing process.

Zones created by snappySetup-v2.2

Zones created by snappySetup-v2.2

This new version of snappySetup will save significant amounts of time during the pre processing phase as it removes the need to manually define zones for mesh refinement and removes some of the deficiencies of using curvature refinement in the meshing phase itself. The new version uses surface curvature to define these zones.

Previously we would have to define key zones such as regions of high curvature or trailing edges for mesh refinement using pre-processing tools however these can now be created automatically from any stl.

Santa geometry after meshing using snappySetup-v2.2

Santa geometry after meshing using snappySetup-v2.2

The end goal of this process is to significantly reduce the time required to pre-process geometry before we can run simulations and potentially remove the need for specialist tools required for this pre-processing. This will ultimately result in a reduced overall cost for our simulations and a reduced turnaround time.

This is still a work in progress, but we are working hard on making further improvements and potential developments under discussion include: better feature edge refinement, removing isolated zones and localised stl remeshing.

We are hoping that the new version will be released in our next code release so look out for further updates.

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