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Each week more people are moving to OpenFOAM®**, what are the key reasons people are switching to it?

Licence Costs

Perhaps the most obvious reason is the lack of licence costs associated with OpenFOAM®.  OpenFOAM® is opensource and is released under the GNU public licence.  That means no annual costs to have access to the software, no additional costs to run on extra cores and no extra physics models or plugins to purchase.


OpenFOAM is an entire framework of tools built around CFD. If you are missing a specific bit of physics, a boundary condition, or an import/export filter etc then you can add it in yourself or get someone to help.  There’s no need to wait for the next release that may or may not include the feature you want.


Bentley GT3 – TotalSim have been aiding Bentley with the aerodynamic development of GT3 race car developed from the iconic Continental GT. The nature of the code means that it is extremely well suited to automation. Gone are the days of manually setting boundary conditions and configuring the mesher!  The combination of OpenFOAM® and TotalSim’s tools make the process incredibly slick and automated and fully parallel.


The user has access to the source code. If you want to see how something is working ‘under the hood’ you can just look.  Unlike the commercial codes where you never quite known what is going on behind the scenes, OpenFOAM is there for all to see.


Perhaps the most important is the amount of trust engineers have in the software.  As more and more people chose it, the trust in the software increases.  With F1 teams and premium brands such as Aston Martin choosing OpenFOAM® over commercial codes, its use becomes more acceptable to the engineering world.  If these premium brands, with huge budgets are choosing OpenFOAM then why wouldn’t others?

Interested in a free evaluation and benchmark using OpenFOAM?

If you are a Star-CCM+® or Fluent® user and want to find out how OpenFOAM could work for you, then TotalSim could be your answer.  TotalSim are offering a new service that allows Star-CCM+® and Fluent® customers to benchmark their simulations on their existing meshes in OpenFOAM® for free*.

To find out more follow the link.

For more details on how TotalSim can help with your OpenFOAM transition please use the contact form or email us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Email – info@totalsim.co.uk     Telephone +44 1280 840 316


**OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® are registered trade marks of ESI.
**This offering is not approved or endorsed by CD Adapco, the producer of Star CCM+, or by ANSYS® the producer of ANSYS® Fluent® Software.


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