Support Contracts – Case Study

TotalSim are experts in Computational Fluids Dynamics.

All of our methods are open and nearly all of process uses opensource software.

We offer support contracts to those wishing to take CFD inhouse or those wishing to get away from costly commercial codes and make the switch to OpenFOAM**.

CFD – Support Contracts – Bernard Olesinski

CFD Marine applications

Olesinski are world renowned naval architects using CFD as part of their design cycle.

Bernard Olesinski is the world-leading designer of luxury motor yachts and super yachts and one of our support customers.

Unable to find commercial CFD codes that worked for their computational modelling and a lack of technical support to customise them to their requirements, Olesinski turned to TotalSim.  With a combination of the right support contract, the potential to improve correlation with physical test data and reduced costs, TotalSim provided the solution they needed.

“…TotalSim provides us with the support and flexibility required to improve the correlation between the results the software gives us and our validation cases.”               Bill Edwards, Bernard Olesinski Ltd

Bernard Olesinski Marine CFD

**Image Courtesy of Princess Yachts and Bernhard Olesinski.

The Support contract with TotalSim and Olesinski includes:

  • All of the hardware required to run their own CFD simulations
  • Hardware support
  • Training in the use of our methods and best practice for Marine CFD applications
  • Development time to help sort out any bespoke code developments required.
  • Telephone and email support.
  • Access to our support customer Wiki
  • All of our codes with free updates

In our second year of working together, Olesinski’s requirements evolved.  As they were up and running independently and carrying out their own in-house CFD simulations, the level of training needed was reduced.  As a result their main focus was shifted towards code development rather than training.  Bespoke software and code development, based around their own requirements was delivered, with the intention of making their simulations faster and more accurate.

In addition to development, they continue to use TotalSim for guidance and support as well as our regular code updates.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Olesinski Ltd for many years to come.


To find out more about our support contracts and how we could help you take CFD in-house, please get in touch.



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