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Aerodynamic mapping and analysis

TotalSim has the ability to map the aerodynamic performance of vehicles over a range of:

A simple plot showing potential performances for changes in input parameter.

A plot of drag vs. downforce of an entire map

  • Ride heights (include roll, pitch, steer and yaw)
  • Speeds
  • Wing angles
  • Gurney heights

Our bespoke aerodynamic mapping tools are quick to setup, fully automated and allow for rapid turnaround of CFD results.
Performance mapping tools are designed to manipulate the pre-processed CFD model without the need for complicated and time consuming CAD model updates.

Contour plots showing performance for multiple parameters.

Contour plots showing changes in performance

In particular, we have developed a sophisticated ‘Ride Height Changer’ tool which can automatically update the geometry of the CFD model based on a given ride height setting.

‘Ride Height Changer’ applies kinematic translations and rotations of suspension and wheel components, to accurately represent the orientation of the vehicle undergoing roll, pitch or yaw. ‘Ride Height Changer’ is highly flexible, allowing the user to specify front and rear ride heights, roll, yaw and steer. This can all be automated for a number of flow conditions and configured for any suspension type.

We can also help with the analysis of the data, guiding you to optimise your car setup.


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