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Aerodynamic Correlation

The aerodynamic correlation between any form of testing and the actual race car can be a tricky challenge to solve.

CFD Aerodynamics streamlines by TotalSim

Improving the correlation between testing and track conditions can take time but the results can be extremely rewarding.

Improving the performance of the car or bike on the track is the overall goal for all aerodynamic development.

As part of the development process, it is necessary to transfer the performance seen in a testing scenario onto the track.  The form of testing can take many forms, including:

It can often be difficult to get numbers between all forms of testing and the real car to agree.  This can be due to any number of reasons including:

  • Differences in geometry
  • Differences in testing conditions
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Testing errors.

TotalSim’s experience in the development cycle can help get to the bottom of your correlation issues.  This may result in the modelling of your vehicle in the wind tunnel or under certain conditions to replicate those seen elsewhere or scanning parts of your vehicle for geometry comparison.

Improvement in correlation is an ongoing exercise and TotalSim are keen to help you improve your aerodynamic correlation between testing and track.

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