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10 Mar 2016
March 10, 2016

Acoustics – VisiSonics Camera

TotalSim have been excited to recently take delivery of the VisiSonics Acoustic Camera.

This camera allows us to capture and visualise noise and pinpoint noise sources. The acoustic camera consists of an 8‘’/20 cm spherical array of 64 microphones and 5 video cameras. The camera records 360 degree video and sound at the same time. Processing the signal from the 64 microphones will result in a heat map of the noise which allows one to pinpoint the important noise sources.

The noise cAcoustic Mapapture and analysis only takes minutes which makes it a very fast method compared to other existing tools.

This new acoustic camera adds another service that TotalSim can offer its customers with a huge rage of applications, ranging from architectural problems to the automotive industry.

TotalSim are set to become the distributor of the VisisSonics acoustic camera in the UK for those wanting to take the technology inhouse.

The live stream from the camera or a previous recorded session can also be shown in virtual reality using an Occulus Rift headset. The user is presented with perceptually accurate sound, meaning that sounds in the virtual reality scene appear to be coming from the location they actually exist in, in the real world. VisiSonics software also enables technicians with a “virtual stethoscope” mode where suspected noise sources/leaks can be identified by simply looking in that direction.

The capability of this tool is only truly appreciated by a live demonstration, when it’s speed, ease of use and the unique insight it create can truly be appreciated.

If you would like to find out more about our acoustic services or how it might be able to help you then please get in touch.

More details on the services that TotalSim can offer will follow shortly once we have got to grips with our latest piece of hardware.

Email – info@totalsim.co.uk | Telephone +44 1280 840 316

Below you can also find a VisiSonics video demonstrating the functionality of our new camera.

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