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Aero Map Offer for Open Wheeled Cars

TotalSim are offering a special package which combines a full scan of an open wheelF3 Aero Maped car, followed by detailed CFD analysis of the baseline car and an aero map of the vehicle.  The combined price for all of this is £15,000.

3D scan, Baseline Analysis and Aero Map for £15,000.

With today’s one make series, understanding and maximising the potential from the vehicle you have is paramount.  This package will help you:

  • Maximise Performance
  • Increase the understanding of your car
  • Help optimise setup to suit different circuits
  • Help optimise setup for driver preference

The package includes:

  • A full 3D scan of your car using out latest scanning technology
  • A baseline report analysing the car and highlighting key features
  • A 4 parameter aero map  carried out in CFD (Suggested paramaters to include (front and rear ride heights, front and rear flap angles)
  • Following the scan we can provide you with the fully detailed geometry (in stl format)
  • Lookup sheets which help you maximise performance. This includes prediction for any combination of input parameter and tools to help choose efficient vehicle setups.

To find out more about this special offer and for a formal quote please contact us at info@totalsim.co.uk or (+44) 01280 840 316

Straight from scan into CFD

Straight from scan into CFD

A simple plot showing potential performances for changes in input parameter.

A plot of drag vs. downforce of an entire map.

Scanning will let you know exactly what you already have, capturing the detail of your existing car. We will then take the geometry straight from the scanner into our performance mapping tools which are designed to manipulate the model without the need for complicated and time consuming CAD updates.


Ride Height Changer

We have developed our own sophisticated ‘Ride Height Changer’, which automatically updates the geometry of the CFD model, applying kinematic translations and rotations of suspension and wheel components to accurately represent the orientation of the vehicle. ‘Ride Height Changer’ is highly flexible, allowing the user to specify front and rear ride heights, roll, yaw and steer, which can all be automated.