CFD aerodynamics, streamlines made with compuational fluid dynamics by totalsim

The iconic DBR9, one of the first projects to go straight from CFD to track and one of TotalSim’s first projects too.

About TotalSim Computational Fluid Dynamics Experts

TotalSim is an independent limited company established in 2007.  We are experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics.   We specialise in CFD consultancy, development and support.

The company was started as a natural replacement for the successful Advantage CFD consultancy that operated as part of the Honda Formula 1 team until 2006. The managing director is Dr Rob Lewis.

TotalSim Expertise

At present TotalSim has about 25 employees with many years experience of applied Computational fluid dynamics and a combined pool of expertise capable of tackling most engineering problems.  We are proud of the range of engineering problems and challenges that we can simulate and model.

“TotalSim consistently provided innovative ideas”      Chris Boardman, Head of Research and Development British Cycling

Our computing hardware and software philosophy is well refined. We combine open source, commercial and in-house codes to provide a competitive and flexible approach to analyses of all sizes.

Our CFD Services




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